How can LAUNCH Tools help your organization?

Like you, we are inspired by young leaders and believe they are worth investing in. For that reason, we have designed our site so that individual young leaders can freely make use of the assessments and goals.

However, what makes LAUNCH Tools especially valuable takes place when several young leaders in an organization or group interact with the material together. Youth Pastors, Teachers, Camp Directors and those who lead Short-Term service projects or leadership development programs have all discovered the benefits of creating an organization account within LAUNCH Tools. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Easily send out multiple email invitations to all your youth at once by simply importing your email list into LAUNCH Tools
  2. Manage all your memberships on one screen - with easy access to see the status of who has completed their assessments and received feedback
  3. Have complete control over which assessments are available for your youth to take
  4. Quickly assign each young leader to a coach or mentor who will have confidential access to view their results
  5. If you choose, you can block 'feedback results' until your youth have met with their individual mentor or coach
  6. Organize your young leaders into unlimited groups or cohorts - to make it easier for you to manage if you have different groups each year
  7. Receive your own LAUNCH Tools sub-domain. For example, your youth could go to
  8. Upload your organizational logo - and it will appear in the top left corner of each page within LAUNCHTools. It will look like you did all the work!

Pricing for these benefits have been kept very affordable so that organizations can easily fit it into their ministry or leadership development budgets. These prices include unlimited assessments and access to goals for all registered users. Please contact William Raposo to arrange for a free, one-time setup consultation if you are interested in partnering with us.

  1. 0 - 25 users = $49.00
  2. 26 - 50 users = $99.00
  3. 51 - 100 users = $149.00
  4. 101 - 200 users = $249.00
  5. 201 - 500 users = $399.00

Finally - do you have your own content/curriculum that you would like to have made into a custom 360〫assessment? We can set-up your own custom site with your logo, your very own sub-domain URL and you can quickly have an impressive assessment, complete with automated feedback requests, results and graphs. All users would also have full use of the goal setting features. Contact us to set-up a time to see a demo and to explore how this opportunity can enhance the leadership development for your team today!